Happy New Year 🎉!!!

Happy New Year everyone, hope you are looking forward to 2019.

*sits down with cup of coffee ☕️ *. This post is all about my many bookish goals and aspirations for the new year. Feel free to leave a comment at the end with your aims for 2019 and I will get back to you as soon as possible 😊.

1. Blog more !!!

2. Read at least 50 books 📚

3. Buy more books !!! (At least 10) 💰

*mum looks at me and says “more books?!”*

4. Reach 50 followers !!!!!

5. Try and get at least two guest reviews

If you are interested in doing a collaboration or reviewing a book for my blog, please contact me on the contact me page so that we can sort something out.

P.S I am now on instagram so please check it out. My user name is alyshas_bookblog, or click the instagram button in the side bar.

Happy reading,

Alysha xx


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 🎉!!!

  1. HAPPY New Year Alysha! ✨💚 Hope 2019 is an amazing year for you & your family! You have some great resolutions too, I hope you’ll make them all! (My mum is the same whenever I say I need more books! *sighs* 😂) Autumn x

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